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Stokes Piano Services offer the highest quality tuning and technical services for your instruments at home.

For commercial tuning please visit
Stokes of London.


Based on tuning a single piano


Pitch Correction

Bringing your Piano back to concert pitch. This is recommended for instruments that have been moved or neglected.



A full days service including full regulation & personalised setup, cleaning, tuning and voicing


Need a bespoke quote or an instrument apprasial?


Piano advice

Pianos are simple creatures, keep them at a comfortable temperature, ensure they don’t get wet or let them dry out and keep them in tune and your instrument will last for years.

We advise domestic instruments be tuned every 6 months, depending on the regularity of use and seasonal conditions.

They are also funny creatures, here are just some of the terms associated with your piano – a little something to make you smile.

  • Flange
  • Ream
  • Dip block
  • Butt flange
  • Whippen
  • Grub screw
  • Butt spring
  • Pap
  • Dope

Stokes Piano Services Out & About

Stokes Piano Services Out & About

Martin Stokes, a Piano Tuner Technician who started training in the UK at 18 years of age, has had the privilege of receiving more than ten years of tutelage in London, Japan, Italy and Germany. Now based in Surrey looking after pianos across London and the South.

This is where he has been with his tuning lever recently, but you can keep track of Martin’s tuning adventures out and about on our facebook and instagram pages.

20 Years experience
21,987 Pianos (approx)